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Our platform can provide unique user experience, diverse marketing opportunities and access to the highest converting offers in the industry.

  • Control
    MemberSource Media can offer the most control and highest conversion rates for your traffic. Maximize user value with MemberSource Media Campaign Control(tm) which can enable you go from AB testing traffic streams to accepting high flow campaigns handling tens of thousands of leads daily.
  • Clarity
    We provide our publishers with real time reporting and statistics. View your leads, conversion percentages and user values with granularity that ranges from minutes to months.

    We can set up exclusive domains and user experiences for your traffic only.
  • Support
    With MemberSource Media, a sales representative will be assigned to your account, who will handle of all your needs and answer all your questions. Contact your rep directly though phone, email or instant message at anytime.
  • Options
    Don't pigeon hole your leads. Send traffic to established, optimized revenue generating paths. Split traffic between two or more streams. Set up custom domains and receive exclusive user experiences for your traffic only.

    We also provide additional revenue boosters such as our FTO (Foreign Traffic Optimizer ) product which will optimize and route traffic to best performing products or services for a given locale. This is very useful for generating revenue on traffic that is normally unusable.

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